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           Citrus County Life Magazine is a quarterly publication about life in Citrus County, Florida. It is written FOR Citrus County residents, BY Citrus County residents. Debuting in January 2005, the magazine immediately became the favorite of local readers due to its stylish design, professional layout, high quality photography, informative writing, and top-of-the-line printing. The magazine focuses on news of interest about homes, gardens, health, travel and lifestyles of the people living in Citrus County, Florida.

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           Every issue celebrates life in Citrus County. The cover of every issue will always have a beautiful color photo that is relevant to those who live, work, play and visit Citrus County. The "cover story" is supported by a 4 to 5 page article inside.

           To our good fortune, there is an endless source of interesting stories about the people who live here. We encourage any of our readers to submit an article or a story idea that they feel would be of interest to their neighbors, whether they be across the street from them or across the county. To do so, email us at, or click on the "My Story Idea" shown on this page. In addition to stories about people, we love to publish articles about children, animals, gardening, health, travel, and homes.

           Our magazine thrives because people love to read about someone else's good fortune, or experiences, or sadnesses, or triumphs. Living here in Citrus County encourages all of us to have regular interaction with all kinds of people, many of whom we may not know personally but still care about. We like it this way. It's what makes Citrus County a wonderful place to call home.

Citrus County Life Magazine is produced by B/S Publications, LLC,
located at 305 S. Salisbury Terrace, Suite B, Lecanto, FL 34461.

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